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Create a Lead Pipeline With Geo Targeted Pay-Per-Click in Arlington, VA

Websites that incorporate pay-per-click (PPC) ads display select advertisements when keywords are typed into a search engine query that synchronizes with your specific keyword phrases, or when a website displays relevant content. These sponsored ads, links that appear alongside organic results on search engine result pages (SERPS), can create a lead pipeline for your business when combined with rapidly evolving technologies that support geo targeted PPC in Arlington, VA.

The number of times a visitor clicks on your ad measures the attention and interest of each unique webpage visitor. In the PPC pay-for-performance model, affiliate websites provide a click-through to a retail purchase-point for your company in exchange for a portion of the sale revenue generated by your ad-clicks.

Google started this search engine advertising model in December 1999. As of 2011, paid search advertising generated a remarkable 96 percent of Google’s $37.9 billion in revenues. That’s a lot of zeros in a brief period of time.

Capture your part of the market share with geo targeted pay-per-click ads in Arlington, VA. Whether bidding on precise keyword phrases highly relevant to your target market, or paying a set price-per-click on content sites, your PPC ads are only “delivered” to visitors who live in select locations, such as Arlington, VA, keeping your costs contained and delivering a healthy ROI.

Search engines employ an army of spiders, crawlers, and bots to comb through geo-specific data. With a well-structured PPC campaign, the SERPs will display a specially curated collection of website URLs based on your keyword phrases to every visitor searching for your products or services by name in Arlington, VA.

Google determines which ads to display based on location cues, such as search phrase, the actual location of the searcher, and the physical site of the selected domain of the webpage. Depending on your industry, you may need to construct ad scenarios where your audience of qualified leads may be physically located away from your geo-targeted location (tourists, perhaps?). You may also want to explore mobile only - where you can reach realtors on the run, or people driving vehicle’s needing inspection or service.

The most unique option by far is bidding for keywords based on weather and how it changes your target markets in their search and buy decisions. Imagine the opportunities for landscapers, home service providers, and a host of retailers.

Incorporating a PPC campaign into your company’s internet advertising strategy delivers laser-precision geo targeting and maximized ROI for your business in Arlington, VA.