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Getting the Most From Pay Per Click Management in Washington, DC

Well-managed advertising campaigns have come a long way from the days of the Madison Avenue Mad Men. In the fast - flash world of digital commerce, how do you know if you are getting the most from your Pay Per Click (PPC) Management in Washington, DC?

Back in the day, crackerjack ad men pitched company execs in boardrooms, delivering marketing sizzle that sold everything from ketchup to diamonds. But in the world of digital advertising, virtual ad campaigns seem more mysterious. Pay per click campaigns target potential customers with relevant keyword ads sporting seasonal and special promotions and fresh, original copy supporting brand awareness alongside traditional advertising channels. One difference - they are designed with a call to action eliciting a response based on search relevance. It is at this precise intersection of customer interest and advertising urgency that successful PPC management shines.

Regardless of the type of paid advertising employed, there are certain criteria that signal good campaign management. Look for these when you evaluate your PPC management efficiency.


The people managing your PPC campaigns should shoulder the fundamentals of your account while you maintain direct access. How else can you review your advertising strategy? They may be the expert in their field, but they answer to you. They need to be accountable as to why a particular decision is being made and how to measure the results.

Pay Per Click Education

Another measure of good PPC management is client education. Can they teach you about pay-per-click advertising? You may know some basics, like click through rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC), but solid PPC management will include details on campaign structure, industry standards, technical methodologies, and outcomes for selected advertising strategies.

Reverse Engineering

Tracking your revenue-per-conversion in Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter provides critical performance data. Your PPC conversions can be evaluated and, using reverse engineering principles, used to refine your PPC campaign to attract previously unexplored opportunities.

Industry Expertise

Managing a digital PPC campaign for health care is much different than campaigns for other industries, such as construction or landscaping. In today's marketplace competitors have access to reams of data - especially revenue figures - which requires continuous analysis to uncover hidden opportunities to capture business. There is more competition and, it comes with the territory, a smaller margin for advertising carelessness.

Armed with knowledge and a clear understanding of your advertising objectives, you can ask yourself this question and know the answer: Am I getting the most from my Pay Per Click Management in Washington, DC?