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Google Changes Page Rank Algorithms - How To Protect Your Northern Virginia Business

Whether or not you follow the inner-workings of the Internet world, you probably know enough to understand when Google changes their behavior, you better change yours if you want to protect your business website.

As we have discussed in other resources from Digital Assembly Line, Google assigns a page rank for every website on the Internet. The page rank determines where a particular website is located on the search results page generated from a "Google" search. This is important because most Internet users do not go beyond the first page or two of results when searching for particular information.

Recently, Google announced a change in the criteria used for determining page rank. Now, Google considers the quality of the content on the website. Even though having high quality content has always been important, the recent changes make it even more so. As more companies that simply produce thousands of articles on a variety of subjects - typically called content farms or content mills - hit the online superhighway, Google is taking preventative steps against these sites bullying their way past legitimately produced website.

To protect your business from being harmed by Google's new rules, you need to make sure every page of your website is relevant for your customers. This should really go without saying, but it must be said. If the page is not relevant to your business, or does not provide useful information for visitors, either correct it, or remove the page entirely.

Even though steadfast evidence is not present about the design of the website impacting Google's ranking, it is heavily implied. Go through your website and ensure it is as user-friendly as possible; make sure the pages are easily navigated and information is easy to find.

If your business website has advertisements on it, make sure the ads do not outnumber the content on your site. Google wants people to continue using their search engine, and if users become inundated with ads each time they visit a website from Google's search results, the user may choose to use a different search engine. That's not good business from Google's perspective.

For more information on how to protect your company's website from influence of Google's changes, contact the online marketing experts at Digital Assembly Line. Serving all of the Northern Virginia metro area, including Washington DC and beyond, the marketing professionals at Digital Assembly Line will work to ensure your company website is not prey for the Google bots to destroy.