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Creating The Right Landing Page For Increasing Website Traffic For Your Business

The reason for having a website for your Northern Virginia business is to inform customers and potential customers about the products or services you offer, and increasing website traffic can only add to that. A landing page for your company's website is the first chance you have to make a positive impression on those would-be customers, who arrive at your website through an advertisement. However, what is a landing page, you ask?

Think of your landing page as the virtual business card you hand out to potential customers. However, rather than simply providing information, a well-crafted landing page also will ask those customers to do something - a call to action so-to-speak.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are different from your company website's homepage, it is a page created specifically for one product or service. The landing page is created for increasing website traffic - and ultimately increasing sales from your website - that a user arrives on by clicking a link in an advertisement on the Internet. Landing pages are created to work in conjunction with Internet advertising such as pay-per-click ads or other search engine derived ads.

Creating the right landing pages means focusing the content to one product or service, providing information on the product or service along with a simple, easy, convenient way to purchase the product or service. For example, if your business sells a variety of dog collars and you want to increase sales of a specific dog collar - a popular sports team - the advertisement would promote the dog collar, and the link would bring the customer to a landing page specifically tailored to that collar. From that particular landing page, the customer would learn the sizes, colors and cost of the sports team dog collar. The landing page also includes a simple way to purchase the dog collar for added convenience.

Studies show Internet shoppers are not overly motivated to make a purchase if they have to search for the purchase function of the site, or even if they have to go elsewhere to find a credit card to purchase the product. In fact, most Internet purchases are made spontaneously, meaning your business should consider offering online payment methods that are convenient - found on the landing page - and do not require additional steps.

The team of search engine optimization experts at Digital Assembly Line can work with your business to create the right advertising campaign and pay-per-click/landing page combination for your field. Serving all of Northern Virginia, the professionals at DAL know the industry and what it takes to succeed.