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Why Choosing An Ethical SEO Company For Your Northern Virginia Business Is Important

Increasing traffic to your Arlington, VA business's website is critical to increasing online sales, and you know Search Engine Optimization works so you hire a firm to help. But, how much research did you do on the SEO company before agreeing to the terms of their contract? Hopefully, you can rest assured that you chose an ethical SEO company and you don't have to worry; but what if you didn't? Ethics are important in life, and are almost as equally in the Internet world as well.

SEO is a way to help search engines such as Google and Yahoo! (and others as well) find your website when potential customers search for a product or service on the Internet. These practices are not sneaky or deceptive, unless the SEO firm you chose decides they would rather cheat the system rather than play by the SEO rules.

Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO Tactics

SEO companies fall into two basic categories - black hat SEO and white hat SEO. You should always choose a white hat SEO company for your Northern Virginia business. White hat SEO firms practice legitimate tactics that result in high search engine rankings. These are not secret; they are clearly defined by Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing and others, and are simple to follow - with the appropriate knowledge and training of course.

However, black hat SEO firms choose not to play by the rules set forth by the search engine giants. While you may receive top rankings in search engine results - and often before white hat firms can produce them - it may be short lived. Black hat SEO firms find "loopholes" in the system, but never underestimate the power of the Internet gods when it comes to finding - and closing - these loopholes. Once that happens, you will suffer drastic consequences. You may lose your page rankings and have to start over from scratch, or the search engine companies may decide to blacklist your company and remove you from ALL searches. Even though you did not commit the SEO fraud you are still held responsible for the actions of the SEO firm you paid.

Choosing an ethical SEO firm to improve your Northern Virginia business's performance on the Internet is as easy as working with our team of dedicated - and ethical - SEO professionals at Digital Assembly Line. Serving customers throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, our team of web developers and SEO experts can take your business to the top using ethical SEO tactics.