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When Is The Right Time To Plan Your Search Engine Optimization Tactic For Your Northern Virginia Business?

You have the business established, the website is up and running and now you are ready to focus on using the website to the fullest extent possible through search engine optimization; so where do you start? Well, technically, you should have started planning your SEO campaign before you started building your website.

SEO Plans

The best search engine optimization plans are considered before a website is launched. While it can still be achieved after the website is live and published on the Internet, it is more difficult to see positive results. The SEO process begins with creating a website that is friendly for the search engines, as well as for end users as well. The structure of your website is important, as is the navigation and the content that is included on your company's website. This makes it clear that web design and SEO should be considered simultaneously rather than in a liner manner.

While many small business owners would rather wait and determine the need - and justification of the expense - of a professional SEO company, this approach often results in spending more money to correct the problem than what would have been spent to create it right in the first place. Not to mention the added delays while trying to fix the problems with the website in relation to SEO.

Factors that should be considered when planning your company website include content management, clean code and contact. The three C's of website planning. The content management system is important to factor in the planning because it is what allows you to create a customized website to fit the needs of your customers and your SEO plan as well. Several versions of CMS are available, and working with a trained SEO website design company ensures your CMS will work hand-in-hand with SEO campaigns.

While clean code probably does not mean anything to the average use, it is basically the programming that tells your website what to do and how to look, while also allowing the search engines to find the website and not get lost in messy, unnecessary code. Too much extraneous code slows the page during the downloading process and the crawling of websites by search engines. Both of these issues will influence your search engine page ranking and make the user experience less than desirable as well.

When it comes to SEO campaigns, content is key. The content is the "meat" of your website, even though you may not think so. The product information you provide is essential too, but the content - when fashioned correctly - not only supports the products and services you are selling, but also helps you with search engine ranking.

When you are ready to take your business's website to the next level and capitalize on the benefits of SEO, contact Northern Virginia's premier SEO and website development company, Digital Assembly Line. We will take the time to help you understand the search engine optimization concept, and how you can grow your business with just a little time and strategic planning.