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Do You Practice Push Marketing or Pull Marketing Techniques At Your Baltimore Metro Area Business?

With all of the talk in the business world about marketing tactics, you probably have heard about push marketing and pull marketing, but do you know what those terms really mean? Most people don't, so let's discuss it.

Push Marketing

Push marketing is a way of providing advertising materials to consumers without a request for the information. Pretty simple, huh? Push marketing is found in nearly every medium of communication available today. Television commercials, radio commercials, newspaper advertisements, billboards on the side of the road, banner ads at the top of the internet browser window and even in your mailbox.

The popularity of the internet has not slowed push marketing tactics at all - if anything, it has created an even larger demand for information thereby increasing the supply of push marketing. Ad revenues support the nightly newscast on your local television station, and nearly each advertisement contains the company's website or Facebook address. News anchors typically refer viewers to the station's website for further information on topics, which also happens to be a source of ad revenue - another example of push marketing.

The internet has also created an interesting twist on return on advertising dollars since now consumers have the ability to click a link to learn more about a product or service and with another simple click can purchase that product or service. This means real-time return on investment for online advertisers.

Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is a different approach in that rather than force-feeding your information to consumers, you attempt to draw them to your business to learn more about your product and services. Pull marketing focuses on internet advertising and tactics, even if a direct mail piece is used to promote the online presence. Search engine optimization, pay per click, email marketing, social media and text messaging all are examples of pull marketing. The introduction and rapid growth of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has lead consumers down a path to nearly instant information on a product, typically accompanied by reviews from their family, friends and business associates. This is a great development - as long as your product is of quality and your customer service is superior. If not, potential customers can quickly be steered toward your competitors. Pull marketing tactics enforce the need for customer satisfaction and its importance. Push marketing techniques should always be used to provide support for pull marketing campaigns, as the two are separate but very closely related.

For more information on how your Northern Virginia or Baltimore Metro business can combine both pull marketing and push marketing tactics to increase your revenue, contact the marketing specialists at Digital Assembly Line. Serving clients throughout the entire Northern Virginia and Baltimore Metro regions, including Chevy Chase, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, Aspen Hill, MD, Chillum, MD, Ellicott City, MD, Reston, VA, Alexandria, VA, Vienna, VA, Rockville, MD and more, the team of professionals at DAL can provide your business with the tools to succeed in the pull marketing and push marketing arenas.