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Combine the Power of the Searchable Internet with Social Media For Your Washington DC Business

No matter what type of business you operate in the Washington DC area, you are surely aware of the benefits of online marketing, also called Internet marketing. The days of reaching for the telephone book to locate a business in your area are gone, as people now look to the Internet first and often forget a telephone book even exists. The web is constantly changing, and your business marketing must change with it or face elimination by the competition.

The Internet was built on information, and the reliance upon the search of that information only continues to grow. In fact, Google claims more than 11 billion searches are completed each month. Social media is becoming more effective and customary as well, Twitter recently reported more than 350 billion tweets per day, and Facebook has more than 800 million users on their system every day. These numbers may surprise many, but the truth of the matter is those numbers will only continue to increase.

So what do these statistics mean for your Washington DC area business? It means you better make your presence known and take charge of your online appearance. Understanding the play between the search of the Internet and social media platforms is the first step and first thing you should never miss out on. Combining your efforts to operate a functional and user-friendly website with the power of social media will open the proverbial doors of the world for your business.

But how, you ask? It's simple really. Using the basic principles of search engine optimization, you develop a website that appeals to the masses - in your niche market of course - and make it easily "findable" for Google and other search engines. This is not a quick and easy task. Good SEO practices take months to fully develop and capitalize on. But, while your SEO efforts are taking hold, you also can focus on increasing your presence in the social media world.

Use Facebook and Twitter to find an audience that likes your product or service, and appeal to their sense of inclusion. Rather than simply stating facts that can be found anywhere, find something unique or unusual to present to your customers and potential customers that will have them coming back for more.

To discuss how these efforts can help grow your Washington DC business, contact our Internet marketing specialists at Digital Assembly Line. Serving all of the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland region, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise in the industry to put your business ahead of the competition.