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Simple, Basic SEO Tips To Help Your Washington DC Business Grow

Every day our team of search engine optimization, or SEO, experts is asked questions about the best way to start and maintain a SEO campaign for their business. While we cannot give specific instructions on how to make a million dollars with SEO, we can offer tips of the trade that will help your Washington DC business grow.

  • Even though pictures are pretty and pleasing to the eye, search engines don't have eyes and they do not care about them. When it comes to SEO tactics, make sure you keywords and key search terms are available in text and not just part of the awesome graphics you hired someone to design for you. This does not mean however to eliminate all pictures on your website, but include the keywords in text as well.
  • Make sure you website content is actually about the product or service you are trying to promote, rather than a personal website that you have simply added a page about your latest and greatest dog biscuits. Creating content that is meaningful and valuable is essential for the SEO efforts of your Washington DC business.
  • Consider you domain name as part of your search engine optimization campaign, rather than just the location of your website. For example, your business may be called Danny's Delectable Delights, but that doesn't really tell people what you sell. Instead think of a domain name that clearly suggests your products like delectable-dog-treats (.com), search engines like those.
  • What's in a title of the page? It should contain more than simply "home" or "contact us" if you are hoping to be found in the search engine results. Be specific about what your pages include and you will get much more attention from search engines.

For more tips and tricks of the trade, contact the Washington DC search engine optimization experts at Digital Assembly Line today.