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Help Us Help You With Internet Marketing and SEO For Your Northern Virginia Business

As you learned more about Internet marketing and search engine optimization practices, you quickly decide professionals are required and you hired us - Digital Assembly Line - to make your eCommerce website work for you too. Getting your Northern Virginia business on the Internet map requires a plan, a plan that will work, as long as we are trusted to do the job.

Once you embark on the search engine optimization plan, stick with it and remain open to changes. Search engines decide what your website is about and how good it is based on the content of the site. So, even if you have a state-of-the-art website that you paid $30,000 for, it will not do you any good without the appropriate content on the site.

Also, in some situations, you may be told certain visual aspects of the website must be changed as well - regardless of how long the site has been live or how much you paid for it - to be effective. If as a business owner, you are not willing and able to accommodate these changes, search engine optimization techniques are probably not for you at this time.

Always alert your SEO company to changes on the website, no matter how small they may seem. Time is spent making your website appealing to search engines and even a small change can negatively impact that.

Be careful about accepting requests for link trades on your website. Think of links to your website as votes in a popularity contest. The more links, or votes, you get the more people like you and the more people want you to be their friend too. Until of course, something goes wrong. When a site your site is linked to is penalized for inappropriate behavior, you may be penalized as well. The Internet equivalent of guilty by association that could have serious negative effects on the SEO campaign you have been running. Before linking to a site, allow your SEO company to review the link and site to avoid this potential disaster.

A search engine optimization campaign is only as good as the team of professionals behind it, which is why our team at Digital Assembly Line is one of the best in the business. To learn more about how we can put our years of service to work for you, contact Digital Assembly Line today to grow your Northern Virginia business.