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Improve your Reston, VA Pay Per Click Campaigns with Four Simple Tips

Pay Per Click Management Reston, VA

In many ways, pay per click (PPC) is like a Porsche - fast out of the block, a brief pause during optimization, and then the race to generate immediate visitor and revenue results. PPC means you’ll always show up in style — right on top of the search engine results page (SERP). You pay every time someone clicks on that ad, and get a high probability of converting that click into a satisfied customer.

PPC management is a targeted form of search marketing employed when you sell something specific, or can generate revenue in the first few steps of the customer interaction process. It yields the greatest success for e-commerce sites, keywords that drive visitors who display an “intent to buy,” and websites that sell digital services.

The following best practices and tips can help create PPC ads or improve current campaigns for your company.

1. Pay Per Click Management in Reston, VA Requires Compelling Copy

Compelling ad text is written in a way that gets the searcher's attention. Remember is an advertisement crafted to elicit a specific response.

  • Look at key messaging components in competitor ads and differentiate
  • Make messaging consistent with PPC campaign goals
  • Parallel offline ads for credibility and trust to help prospects recognize you in every channel
  • Use strong selling points in ad headlines
  • Include unique features, offers, benefits, and a call to action
  • A call-to-action (CTA) with a sense of urgency or exclusivity maps the searchers next step
  • Since searchers see your ad at the exact moment they express interest (through their keyword search), urgency is a powerful force to leverage with a CTA

2. Formatting of Pay Per Click Space Creates Emphasis

PPC ads are located at the top and sides of each SERP with different formatting. Formatting differences are critical elements in how your ad appears, is perceived and understood.

3. Search Relevancy Ranks High With Strong Pay Per Click Management

Your ad is crowded on a page with a jumble of information, so the more relevant it is to their search, the more likelihood the searcher will click. The click-through rate (CTR) is the frequency at which people click on your ad, depending on how many times it is shown. Keep your CTR above 1 percent at a minimum. A few tips to make your PCP ads more relevant:

  • Keywords
  • Custom URLs add a bit of code beyond your primary domain. It’s not a real page, but after the slash you add a sort of nickname.
  • Make messaging on your landing page consistent, and deliver what the ad promised. Your perfect PPC ad will fail with a poorly coordinated landing page.

4. Host Editorial Guidelines Define Pay Per Click Success

After creating great ads, don’t get swamped with ad disapprovals. Following the rules is an important fundamental of PPC advertising management. Here is a selection of commonly overlooked guidelines:

  1. Improper punctuation. Google allows one exclamation mark in ad text and it must be outside of the title field.
  2. Display URL may not match the destination URL with unique landing pages and shopping sites. A landing page is different from the primary domain.
  3. Superlatives ("best" or "#1") are not permitted in ad text without third party verification clearly displayed on the ad website.

The strategies behind crafting successful PPC ad management in Reston, VA is complicated. Incorporating these best practices and testing various elements gives your company a winning chance in this competitive digital economy.