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How to Plan for Small Business Search Engine Optimization in Washington, DC

Does your small business need search engine optimization in Washington, DC.? Absolutely.

Successful small business internet marketing is sophisticated, complex, and highly technical, but critical to capture your portion of the burgeoning e-commerce marketplace. Internet retail sales in the US totalled $289 billion in 2012, and trendwatchers say that is projected to grow over time.

Research results shared at the SMX West 2013 SEO conference revealed 96% of people who visit a website leave without completing the actions business owners want them to take. So, are all of your internet marketing efforts in vain? Not necessarily.

The secret is in the planning. SEO planning starts at the the top with a series of vital questions:

  1. Who are my customers?
  2. What do they need?
  3. What do I need them to know about my business, products or services?
  4. Why should my customers choose our business over our competitors?

Your answers will guide your development of relevance. Determining relevance and keeping it at the forefront of your internet marketing efforts will ensure your focus remains on the core relationship between your business and your customers.

Once you determine relevance, work with a local SEO company experienced in search engine optimization in Washington, DC. They have the technical know-how, process efficiencies and internet marketing expertise to bring your plan to life and manage your internet presence over the dynamic long-term.

At SES New York 2013 Matthew Bailey, President of Site Logic Marketing, outlined four steps to organize a comprehensive, fully-integrated internet marketing plan:

  1. Hire effective SEOs: Get keywords from people searching for your website or blog. Search data provides SEO ranking, but is essentially a wellspring of ideas for what people want to know that you can provide.
  2. Construct a long-term and daily content plan.
    • Long-Term Content Plan: Employ Google Trends to compare products and primary search results.
    • Daily Content Plan: What trending search terms were big the past 7 days that your company can take advantage of?
  3. Develop a publishing schedule to visualize which content is “going live” and when. This allows you to plan your marketing based on your content.
  4. Measure results to see what was successful and how it can add to your platform of success.

A flexible, working plan for search engine optimization in Washington, DC incorporates original content development and content marketing, link building, social media, analytics, blogger relations and online PR. All these SEO activities can be managed with a central plan that eliminates guesswork, capitalizes on the synergy between marketing channels and prevents your business from slipping into an unproductive reactionary mode.

Working with an established company on search engine optimization in Washington, DC can streamline your internet marketing efforts and create a direct path for your customers (who appreciate your relevance) to click and purchase when your business offers exactly what they need.