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Top Tips for SEO to Optimize your Northern Virginia Business's Website

Most business owners in the Northern Virginia area know about the benefits of search engine optimization, but they may not know where to start or how to approach a SEO campaign. The best SEO campaigns are focused and require many months of dedication and hard work. Our team of SEO professionals has put together this list of top 10 SEO tips to get you on the right track.

SEO Tip #1: Choose one or two keywords and highlight them on the page using a bold font. Bolding the keyword each time it appears is not necessary, but smattering the boldness around the page is helpful to your SEO efforts.

SEO Tip #2: Link to other pages with similar or related topics to best compliment your SEO efforts. When you link to other pages of like content, the search engine determines your website is important to the topic and will eventually move your website to the top of the list. The more links to quality websites, as well as the more links to your website from other quality websites, the more relevant your website appears to the search engines.

SEO Tip #3: Make friends with social media. Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming more and more important to the SEO campaigns effectiveness. The easier you make it for visitors to share the information they found helpful on your website, the more likely they are to do it. The links placed on Facebook and passed through Twitter are also collected and ranked by search engines, again contributing to the relevancy of your website.

SEO Tip #4: Create a newsletter and publish it on your website. Then, take the next step and post articles from the newsletter to build your SEO ranking. The links stay visible to search engines forever, meaning they will only continue to build your SEO ranking.

SEO Tip #5: Build a site map to help with your SEO efforts. The search engine robots, also known as "bots", continually search for every page on the Internet. Providing a site map will allow the bots to find the site easier and continually search and update the link. Every time the site is found by a bot, your SEO efforts are hard at work.

To learn more about search engine optimization and how we can make it work for your Arlington, VA or Northern Virginia business, contact the SEO experts at Digital Assembly Line today.