How Pay Per Click in Arlington, VA Pays Dividends

Are organic search results generating the sales you need at your company this year? Here are two facts to consider before you answer. Paid search results generated 49% of total online revenues in 2011, and total paid search ad spending jumped 32% from 2011 to 2012. Now, let’s look at how pay per click (PPC) advertising in Arlington, VA pays dividends.

Organic Search And Pay Per Click In Arlington, VA

The main area of a search engine results page (SERP) lists organic search results. These are the links to webpages your browser (i.e. Google) ranked as the best matches for the keywords you searched. At the top, and along the side are PPC ads shown as sponsored links. With Pay Per Click in Arlington, VA you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Through the magic of the internet, that click equals a visit to your webpage.

Natural search engine optimization (SEO) is a company-wide, long-term strategic plan to establish and grow your company image, reputation, and brand. Pay per click advertising, on the other hand, is a narrowly focused tactic with a specific, targeted , measurable, time-limited goal. In other words, SEO gets clicks, but PPC in Arlington, VA convertsĀ  clicks from your SERP ad (from people actively seeking your products, services, or company) into sales.

Dividends From Effective PPC in Arlington, VA

PPC is a revenue-generating tool companies can use to influence target audience behavior on a short-term basis. Here are some dividends from effective PPC in Arlington, VA:

Speed: With some PPC platforms, such as Google AdWords, you can literally receive targeted visitors within minutes of setting up your account.

Agility: PPC provides the opportunity to monitor and adjust most pay per click campaigns in hours and days versus weeks or months for other types of advertising . PPC in Arlington, VA allows unparalleled flexibility to respond to evolvingĀ  market conditions.

Cost: Look for keyword bargains where top bid is under $.10. This approach to PPC is a hidden, cost-effective alternative. You can also lead visitors to your website and save money in your marketing budget by seeking longer-tail keyword phrases.

How PPC in Arlington, VA Pays Dividends

We’ve seen how pay per click in Arlington, VA pays dividends in many ways, and how recent PPC statistics bear out the fact that pay per click marketing is a compelling, market-driven component in any effective internet marketingĀ  strategy. Find a competent, highly experienced SEO or PPC company who understands your business and shows a proven track record of PPC ad campaign success, and get ready to achieve your company revenue objectives.

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