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The True Cost of Search Engine Marketing in Washington, DC

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

The true $ cost of SEO marketing = (missed sales)/ not ≠ meeting customers where they shop.

Your Search Engine Marketing Budget in Washington, DC
Think of the millions of dollars spent on marketing:  print ads, logo design, novelty giveaways, commercial video spots, directory listings, coupon books, catalogs, and a gazillion other items to put your company in front of potential customers.

In April, 2013, for the first time, according to global estimates by eMarketer, total annual internet sales eclipsed $1 trillion and e-commerce sales surged 21.1 percent  in 2012.

Make the investment to help potential customers find your company website with search engines.  Not just first page SERPS (search engine ranking pages), but nestled in the top few results in the area referred to as “above the fold.”  The beauty of this digital channel is your ability to place your company directly in front of your customer while collecting precise marketing feedback tied to your SEO strategy, offering a continuous stream of data-driven performance with online analytical tools.

It’s precise execution of all SEO marketing elements simultaneously that helps visitors find your website in search results. Studies show search engine marketing yields greater success when powered by multiple-platform social media engagement.

It’s easy to say SEO marketing in Washington, DC is costly, but what is the cost of  never being found by internet search engines when customers are searching for you or your products? How many sales can you afford to lose sitting on the sidelines while your customers make internet purchases from your competitors?

Keeping Your Search Engine Marketing in Washington, DC, Fresh and Dynamic
Think of SEO marketing as a maintenance plan for your company’s digital brand marketing. Each week, every month, before your big sale season, there are plenty of  opportunities to welcome customers to your  website to share new, interesting, and useful information.

The True Cost of Search Engine Marketing
In Washington, DC? It depends. There are no industry watchdogs or standard menu of fees for SEO. The algorithm changes daily, but 71% of digital marketing companies say SEO remains the 2nd most-requested digital marketing service.

According to a survey done in August, 2012, by Search Engine Watch, 65 percent of companies say organic search influences revenue strategy more than a year ago. To look at it another way, what is the value of one new customer finding your website and making a click-to-purchase? Look beyond per customer order revenue – factor in the lifetime value of one new customer, and multiply that by referrals, shares, and likes.  The growth potential with search engine marketing is  powerful.

Invest your marketing budget  in quality SEO marketing in Washington, DC. It will make the difference between your company being found and welcoming a customer-by-click, or missing potential customers where they shop. Make sure customers find you by meeting them on the internet – where they shop, and avoid the true cost of search engine marketing in Washington, DC.