Minimalist Website Design for SEO in Washington, DC

In website design we specifically place elements on webpages that contain messages we want Google and other browsers to crawl. Often, though, these messages are submerged on the internet – contained within images. Instead, add the information in webfonts, CSS and HTML so spiders and bots can crawl them for page rank indexing. Why do we want to bury critical buy messages, such as “Free Financing,” “20% Off Today Only,” or “End of Season Closeout SALE,” so search engines can’t find them?

Webfonts, CSS, and HTML are tools we use to create dynamic websites that blend all of the elements  SEO demands. It is important to understand your page structure. Depending on your industry, business model, and the messages you want to deliver, each will be unique.

Minimalism has been a perennially popular website design style. Minimalist websites load quicker, need fewer server resources, and are faster. While minimalism is king in website  design, SEO in Washington, DC demands broad, cutting-edge technical prowess to leverage  algorithm changes, nano-level digital response programs, and smart web design architecture. Thankfully, even a small business can win big net advantages with great web design, original content, and on-page optimization using the following tips:

  • Know the importance of positioning information on a page

  • Add graphical elements such as banners, click-through points,  and calls to action
  • Play with type effects such as shadows, gradients, and a gorgeous palette of other font tweaks in the designers toolkit
  • Display simple infographics to enhance content absorption
  • Live text banners look sleek and can be marked up with H1’s, body type, bold text, and dynamic updates
  • Combine crisp images and live text to craft a compelling, innovative web experience
  • Consider mouseovers to make text appear for web design and SEO impact
  • Clever website design adds rollups, expandable dividers, live text billboards and other navigation and element construction techniques to build websites designed for a great user experience.
  • The expandable divider is a simple way of incorporating indexable content into minimalist page design

From simple  brochure-type sites to e-commerce websites, blogs,  and portfolio pages, there are an amazing variety of web  design pages built on the minimalist principle. At Digital Assembly Line we build websites that look and feel incredible. We design websites in Washington, DC to elevate visitor engagement engineered for dynamically-responsive long-term SEO performance.

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