Creating SEO Value for 2015

What things can you be doing now to adequately invest in your SEO strategy for 2015? One is to evaluate your SEO marketing efforts and results for 2014. Another is find a local SEO company to help you manage, implement, and measure the performance of your comprehensive marketing plan going forward.

Industry experts say organic search can drive up to 60 percent of your overall company website traffic. How much time and money would you devote to a sales force that delivered 60 percent of your total annual company sales revenue? How much would you invest if that revenue came directly from internet leads generated by your SEO marketing efforts?

The real value of a well-crafted SEO strategy for 2015 is not derived solely from a contract-prescribed “list of SEO tasks that will be completed,” but really understanding customer needs and desires and how to match them to your company products and services. Expert SEO prioritizes content tasks, including social media engagement, blog postings and web video marketing platforms, based on importance and sequencing, making sure the right work is performed with precision and intent.  Delivering your message to the right audience and asking them to take action is what effective marketing is all about. Doing it with efficient, targeted investment gives you a healthy marketing ROI and delivers the most digital bang for your buck.

A fresh redesign of your company website combined with a structured SEO publishing calendar for the new year can set a solid foundation for efficiently measuring and managing company growth. Sound analytics help us understand the inherent value of customer leads generated by SEO techniques through benchmarks such as the conversion rate of leads-to-sales and the average net sales to profit.

When you  make an  investment in the sales and marketing performance of your company, you want to partner with an experienced,  professional SEO team to elevate the impact of your digital marketing plan. Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, DC metropolitan area, the SEO specialists at Digital Assembly Line deliver internet marketing  uniquely geo-targeted for your local market audience. Call us and see what we can do for your bottom line.

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