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Well-Structured PPC Marketing in Alexandria, VA Boosts Short-Term Online Sales Revenue

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

People searching the internet with specific needs have a high intent to purchase. They can search for the specific key phrases your company previously placed bids on with your well-structured PPC, or pay per click, marketing in Alexandria, VA. With custom-crafted ad copy focused on meeting potential customer needs,  clicks will begin the moment your PPC ad is activated.

Effective PPC marketing in Alexandria, VA, offers one simple thing other internet marketing doesn’t – it directly links potential, qualified customers actively seeking your company, or a specific product or service you provide – instantly.

With a tightly defined, precisely targeted PPC marketing campaign, Alexandria, VA small businesses can capture a burst of sales revenue. Directly driven by your PPC campaign, these customers are truly your core clientele as defined by the parameters of a well-structured PPC keyword architecture plan.

Using  pay per click marketing in Alexandria, VA you can reach out to laser-targeted audiences in specific locations, or even by weather or gender. Your entire internet marketing effort is elegantly designed to locate, attract, appeal to, educate, inform, and satisfy the specific need your client has self-identified. It’s almost like an eHarmony-style matchmaker, pairing smart businesses using PPC marketing in Alexandria, VA with the precise needs of their ideal clients – brilliant internet marketing in action.

PPC marketing in Alexandria is just one component of a broader, fully-integrated internet marketing strategy.  From logos to taglines, digital iconography, simple web design and robust original content, at Digital Assembly Line we provide customized programming and in-house back-end support, plus everything your company needs to capture sales revenue in the 21st century.

Extending your business reach through targeted social media and industry-specific platforms, the digital artists and search engine optimization specialists at Digital Assembly Line plan, design, craft, draft, revise, test, optimize, monitor, analyze and push your internet marketing results to a whole new level.  Contact us now to explore PPC marketing in Alexandria, VA.

Get a Competetive Edge With PPC Marketing in Alexandria, VA

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

PPC marketing in Alexandria, VA can give your company an edge over your competition and generate immediate visitor results. Search engine providers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo offer pay-per-click marketing advertising programs to elevate your visibility when SERPs appear in search results. Used in conjunction with organic search results, PPC marketing in Alexandria, VA can be an effective and economical way to generate additional sales revenue.

People with specific needs have high intent to purchase. They can search for the specific key phrases you placed bids on. With well-crafted ad copy focused on meeting potential customer needs,  clicks will begin the moment your PPC ad is activated.

Some tips for pay-per-click marketing success:

  • Make sure your messaging is consistent with your overall marketing strategy
  • Create compelling ad copy that differentiates you from your competitors
  • Incorporate a call to action
  • Pay attention to formatting design after reading the editorial guidelines for publishing PPC ads
  • Your click-through rate (CTR) is the measurement of how many visitors click on your ad based on how many times it appears.
  • Utilize dynamic keyword insertion (DKI), custom URLs and landing pages to streamline the visitor experience and lead them from your portal to your buy now button.
  • Take advantage of the speed and agility of PPC marketing in Alexandria, VA. PPC provides unparalleled ability to adjust to market conditions.

PPC marketing in Alexandria, VA gives you instant control to respond to your potential customers queries, requests, and purchase needs.  Partner with an experienced local internet marketing firm to design your company’s PPC marketing campaign, and monitor your PPC marketing analytics diligently to keep your internet advertising fresh and relevant.