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Creating SEO Value for 2015

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

What things can you be doing now to adequately invest in your SEO strategy for 2015? One is to evaluate your SEO marketing efforts and results for 2014. Another is find a local SEO company to help you manage, implement, and measure the performance of your comprehensive marketing plan going forward.

Industry experts say organic search can drive up to 60 percent of your overall company website traffic. How much time and money would you devote to a sales force that delivered 60 percent of your total annual company sales revenue? How much would you invest if that revenue came directly from internet leads generated by your SEO marketing efforts?

The real value of a well-crafted SEO strategy for 2015 is not derived solely from a contract-prescribed “list of SEO tasks that will be completed,” but really understanding customer needs and desires and how to match them to your company products and services. Expert SEO prioritizes content tasks, including social media engagement, blog postings and web video marketing platforms, based on importance and sequencing, making sure the right work is performed with precision and intent.  Delivering your message to the right audience and asking them to take action is what effective marketing is all about. Doing it with efficient, targeted investment gives you a healthy marketing ROI and delivers the most digital bang for your buck.

A fresh redesign of your company website combined with a structured SEO publishing calendar for the new year can set a solid foundation for efficiently measuring and managing company growth. Sound analytics help us understand the inherent value of customer leads generated by SEO techniques through benchmarks such as the conversion rate of leads-to-sales and the average net sales to profit.

When you  make an  investment in the sales and marketing performance of your company, you want to partner with an experienced,  professional SEO team to elevate the impact of your digital marketing plan. Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, DC metropolitan area, the SEO specialists at Digital Assembly Line deliver internet marketing  uniquely geo-targeted for your local market audience. Call us and see what we can do for your bottom line.

Minimalist Website Design for SEO in Washington, DC

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

In website design we specifically place elements on webpages that contain messages we want Google and other browsers to crawl. Often, though, these messages are submerged on the internet – contained within images. Instead, add the information in webfonts, CSS and HTML so spiders and bots can crawl them for page rank indexing. Why do we want to bury critical buy messages, such as “Free Financing,” “20% Off Today Only,” or “End of Season Closeout SALE,” so search engines can’t find them?

Webfonts, CSS, and HTML are tools we use to create dynamic websites that blend all of the elements  SEO demands. It is important to understand your page structure. Depending on your industry, business model, and the messages you want to deliver, each will be unique.

Minimalism has been a perennially popular website design style. Minimalist websites load quicker, need fewer server resources, and are faster. While minimalism is king in website  design, SEO in Washington, DC demands broad, cutting-edge technical prowess to leverage  algorithm changes, nano-level digital response programs, and smart web design architecture. Thankfully, even a small business can win big net advantages with great web design, original content, and on-page optimization using the following tips:

  • Know the importance of positioning information on a page

  • Add graphical elements such as banners, click-through points,  and calls to action
  • Play with type effects such as shadows, gradients, and a gorgeous palette of other font tweaks in the designers toolkit
  • Display simple infographics to enhance content absorption
  • Live text banners look sleek and can be marked up with H1’s, body type, bold text, and dynamic updates
  • Combine crisp images and live text to craft a compelling, innovative web experience
  • Consider mouseovers to make text appear for web design and SEO impact
  • Clever website design adds rollups, expandable dividers, live text billboards and other navigation and element construction techniques to build websites designed for a great user experience.
  • The expandable divider is a simple way of incorporating indexable content into minimalist page design

From simple  brochure-type sites to e-commerce websites, blogs,  and portfolio pages, there are an amazing variety of web  design pages built on the minimalist principle. At Digital Assembly Line we build websites that look and feel incredible. We design websites in Washington, DC to elevate visitor engagement engineered for dynamically-responsive long-term SEO performance.

The True Cost of Search Engine Marketing in Washington, DC

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

The true $ cost of SEO marketing = (missed sales)/ not ≠ meeting customers where they shop.

Your Search Engine Marketing Budget in Washington, DC
Think of the millions of dollars spent on marketing:  print ads, logo design, novelty giveaways, commercial video spots, directory listings, coupon books, catalogs, and a gazillion other items to put your company in front of potential customers.

In April, 2013, for the first time, according to global estimates by eMarketer, total annual internet sales eclipsed $1 trillion and e-commerce sales surged 21.1 percent  in 2012.

Make the investment to help potential customers find your company website with search engines.  Not just first page SERPS (search engine ranking pages), but nestled in the top few results in the area referred to as “above the fold.”  The beauty of this digital channel is your ability to place your company directly in front of your customer while collecting precise marketing feedback tied to your SEO strategy, offering a continuous stream of data-driven performance with online analytical tools.

It’s precise execution of all SEO marketing elements simultaneously that helps visitors find your website in search results. Studies show search engine marketing yields greater success when powered by multiple-platform social media engagement.

It’s easy to say SEO marketing in Washington, DC is costly, but what is the cost of  never being found by internet search engines when customers are searching for you or your products? How many sales can you afford to lose sitting on the sidelines while your customers make internet purchases from your competitors?

Keeping Your Search Engine Marketing in Washington, DC, Fresh and Dynamic
Think of SEO marketing as a maintenance plan for your company’s digital brand marketing. Each week, every month, before your big sale season, there are plenty of  opportunities to welcome customers to your  website to share new, interesting, and useful information.

The True Cost of Search Engine Marketing
In Washington, DC? It depends. There are no industry watchdogs or standard menu of fees for SEO. The algorithm changes daily, but 71% of digital marketing companies say SEO remains the 2nd most-requested digital marketing service.

According to a survey done in August, 2012, by Search Engine Watch, 65 percent of companies say organic search influences revenue strategy more than a year ago. To look at it another way, what is the value of one new customer finding your website and making a click-to-purchase? Look beyond per customer order revenue – factor in the lifetime value of one new customer, and multiply that by referrals, shares, and likes.  The growth potential with search engine marketing is  powerful.

Invest your marketing budget  in quality SEO marketing in Washington, DC. It will make the difference between your company being found and welcoming a customer-by-click, or missing potential customers where they shop. Make sure customers find you by meeting them on the internet – where they shop, and avoid the true cost of search engine marketing in Washington, DC.

Creating PayPer Click Advertising in Washington, DC

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Creating Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising in Washington, DC, using online programs such as AdWords allows any company, no matter how small, to  select targeted keywords at an agreed-upon price with Google. Every time someone performs a search and clicks on your ad  you pay. Before long, the calls and e-mails will pour in.  The results can be phenomenal at first, but will plateau as all sales trends do.

Pay per click advertising in Washington, DC, gives you an advantage over your competition.  Studies show companies with robust pay per click advertising campaigns in Washington, DC close over 15 percent more business than their counterparts who do not benefit from the boost pay per click advertising can give your company internet marketing strategy.

AdWords is reasonably profitable for local businesses or those with narrow niches and high barriers to market entry.  PPC ads are generally found at the top, and along the side of the page, and are highlighted as sponsored links. The beauty in pay per click advertising in Washington, DC is that your budgeted cost is directly related to the number of clicks you get.


The secret is driving better search results by creating original content around the targeted keywords for your business that people are searching for on the internet. It is that specific combination of your business keywords and the people that are expressing an interest in them on the internet that make PPC advertising in Washington, DC, such a compelling internet marketing tactic.

Contact Digital Assembly Line to get started today on a pay per click campaign in Washington, DC to complement your organic search marketing and stimulate your  business revenue.

Why We Care About Website Marketing in Washington, DC

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

For the uninitiated, website marketing in Washington, DC, is nothing less than a formidable tangle, rising up to overtake traditional marketing channels as technology took off in the 1990’s. As any small business owner knows, you have to be judicious with your website marketing strategy, investing critical dollars in the right internet marketing techniques to maximize your ROI.

So what is essential and what is nice to have, but not necessary, when you consider your Washington, DC, website marketing alternatives? Read on for a very concise overview of web marketing terminology and concepts.

According to the Brazen Careerist on Business, “There are quite a few different factors that go into SEO: researching different keywords, using these keywords in optimal places, gathering and using analytics, linking, on-page and off-page optimization,” and a long list of others.  It is in the long term, methodical pursuit of positive, measured SEO data results that website marketing in Washington, DC, generates the greatest bottom-line revenue impact.

For this reason, SEO has its own department at larger organizations. Well-trained SEOs are always in demand, and for good reason.  SEO marketing usually includes content marketing and brand management, public relations and identity management, as well as the explosive growth of social media campaigns. You need a top-notch professional SEO company to bring a unified marketing strategy to propel your company into the 21st century.

If website marketing in Washington, DC, is anything, it is pulsating – and rapidly. Changes now happen in the blink of a cursor, and we need an SEO village to support small business marketing success in Washington with targeted, laser-engineered, and continuously active website marketing.

Focus on what your SEO website marketing experts deliver for your business. Ask yourself – am I ranking on the first page on Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Bing? How many new, qualified  leads have reached me through my website this week? Do I have landing pages constructed to pull in new clients searching specifically for a product or service I offer? Does my company brand and message cross multiple media platforms, including video and social media sites? Is my website marketing campaign designed to work for my company on many distinct levels? Is my website optimized for search engine result page (SERP) rankings?

Our firm, Digital Assembly Line, has over 72 years of combines experience in the design, creation, implementation, and long-term management of small business website marketing success. From Google AdWords to Facebook and customized blogs, to PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns that support your SEO ranking efforts, we offer a full range of services to launch your website marketing in Washington, DC, to 21st century success.