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Logo Design

You and your company have something to say, something to do - otherwise, you wouldn't be in business. A client's first impression of your company comes from the images that make up your corporate identity. What do these images say about you and your business? Do you stand out from the crowd or are you lost in a sea of competitors? What impression do you want to make on your customers? Making sure your company rises above the rest is at the core of our business.

Helping you Understand

Digital Assembly Line helps clients understand, create, and implement corporate brand-identity strategies. These strategies communicate clearly to your audience who you are and subsequently put your brand to work for you. From logos and letterheads to videos and Web sites, we bring all the components together to deliver a fully integrated marketing communications program. Our goal is to bring your brand to life by helping you attract, retain, and engage customers.

The Logo Process

We review the following with each of our clients when designing their Logo.

  • Artistic Impression
  • Society and Surroundings
  • Direct and Indirect Competitors
  • Geographical Location/Target Market/Seasonal Market
  • Colors/Fonts/Placement/Size
  • Design Usage; Short and Long Term
Digital Assembly Line Logo Designs Washington, DC