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Development: CMS
(Content Management System)

As your company or organization grows, your message or the information you provide to your customers can change. There's no reason to have a Web site that isn't agile enough to do the same.

As your client's needs and requirements shift, and you open new markets, or begin to offer new products and services, you need to be able to change the content of your Web site quickly. Making individual page changes can be costly and time-consuming. Utilizing a content management system (CMS) can greatly reduce the time and the cost associated with it. CMS makes that possible. Every company should have one. Robust CMS systems allows employees with no HTML or other Web-coding experience to add, edit and delete text, images, video and sound quickly and easily.

We see stale, stagnant Web sites among all-sized businesses, in all industries all the time. At times these sites have been unchanged for months, if not years. There's no excuse for that with the large number of CMS systems available in today's market.

CMS's Help with Search Engine Optimization

Another critical reason to have a CMS-enabled Web site: In all likelihood, your site will be filled with outdated information on your products and services, and you will fail to yield opportunities for better search engine optimization (SEO) through frequent content updating and the use of a SEO-friendly CMS.

An SEO-friendly Web site, the kind that is most readily found by the search engines when your customers look for solutions, is one that follows SEO best practices and is frequently updated with press releases, event notifications, new product and service offerings, and knowledge offerings such as whitepapers, articles, application notes, etc. Simply stated, a content management system lets you add and delete content, but not touch the layout or the permanent visual components of your Web site.

  • We offer "tried and tested" proprietary and an open source solutions that are easy to support.
  • Our solutions cover SEO best practices.
  • We provide solutions that are simple and intuitive
  • We have solutions that are robust and easy to administer.
  • We offer solutions that allow you to monitor Web traffic to assist in your marketing efforts.

Keep your operating cost down and your Web site up-to date with fresh content by utilizing a Content Management System.

Content Management System