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Total Business Solutions: Website Hosting and Maintenance

We offer our web clients hosting and web site maintenance services in a secure data center. Our hosting services include off-site domain name service (DNS) management, domain name and records management, and secure certificate installation for e-commerce applications and email services. Features of our hosting services include:


We design Class A datacenters with the following features to ensure speedy, reliable connectivity:

  • Redundant, physically diverse, fiber routes
  • Scalable to 810mbps on existing infrastructure
  • Cisco Powered network
  • Reliable bandwidth through Savvis and AT&T


Manned 24 x 365, the Network Operation Center (NOC) provides the facilities to monitor all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), fire suppression systems and security systems onsite by specially trained personnel. Critical airflows, temperature, humidity, power consumption by individual circuit, early warning fire identification and suppression systems, generator, chillers, and all security systems are monitored in real-time from the NOC.


DAL website security features include:

  • Multi-tiered system for on-site physical security
  • Access to building and datacenter floor by staff only with pass-key system
  • Closed datacenter
  • Segregated security areas for network infrastructure and dedicated server clients
  • Log of all client and visitor access at the time of entry and departure of the facility