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Marketing: Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables a company to directly reach a target audience and capture that audience's undivided attention. By sending a timely, highly relevant message to your clients or prospects, email marketing can help increase sales, brand awareness, return purchasers, and generate qualified leads for your sales force.

DAL personnel will creatively set up value-based hooks in your marketing materials and web site in order to help build your email list organically. By teaming with the professionals at DAL to develop value-based incentives via your marketing efforts,your company will see an increased number of existing clients, first time customers, and prospective customers volunteer their contact information to receive your future communications. Whether it is a giveaway or highly-specific industry information, DAL can formulate the right trade to engage your prospects and to increase anticipation of your regular email correspondence. DAL can even help you build a brand-specific email list.

DAL email marketing services include:

  • HTML Graphical Email Design
  • Targeted Content Creation
  • Time Scheduled Automated Blasts
  • Auto-Responders
  • Sweepstakes and Special Offer Strategy
  • Detailed Metrics Tracking