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Marketing: SEIM

Not everything that appears on the Web about your company may be friendly or positive. It's practically inevitable that once your company has been online for awhile, an unhappy or dishonest individual or customer will post something negative about your company or your employees.

Unfortunately, bad press or dishonest information can be picked up and indexed by the major search engines. The best defense is to have an effective on-going search engine strategy in place. It's difficult for one or two negative pages to index and - track high in the search engines if you are regularly performing search engine optimization on your site, as well as constantly updating your Web site content. Some companies wait too long to act and the negative pages or comments appear high in the search engine rankings. Companies faced with negative search engine results are forced to deploy a SEO strategy and parallel Search Engine Identity Management (SEIM) strategy.

Search Engine Identity Management

If you find your company has been the victim of negative pages or comments that have been picked up and indexed within the search engines, deploy a remediation strategy as soon as possible. Every case is different and the approach to rectify the problem-indexed pages varies. DAL's team of seasoned professionals have been deploying effective SEO and SEOIM strategies for years. Give us a call to discuss ways we might be able to rectify the problem and place your business back on the right "search track."